SO here at Carrot it’s all about the nurture. What do you do to stay motivated, positive (I feel I often need a disclaimer here of “as possible”), and doing the things to bring yourself forward.

I have been trying to exercise more and find I keep being thwarted by circumstances of health. Currently, I have a killer respiratory infection (“killer” is just a euphemism I promise.) Like, I’m typing this from bed. It’s not that I can’t go sit at the desk but, I have to recommend this method. It’s great to lie in your bed on your stomach and type away!

Anyhow, I find myself kvetching constantly about not exercising. When I do catch myself I try to do something else so I don’t have to listen to the internal voices of doom…. SO what have I been doing? Nothing specific this month, but there are a number of things that really help…

In some circles he is known as Doug, but here he is Skip and either way “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  He helps immensely. He is quite elderly as you can tell by the bald spot that starts at his neck and ends at his tail. But he is my favorite little old man and he wakes happy and is happy to see me after five-minute absences, and appreciates that little stuff that I would take for granted if I didn’t get to see them through his eyes once in a while.

Before I got the respiratory thing I was baking bread which for some reason I find calms me down. I’m not sure if it’s the process or the great smells, but either way it works.

6c4be29c-21cb-4fe9-9674-71c5f7a73a66I’ve been adding to an art journal … rather slowly… and working on a few other projects that I haven’t taken any photos of yet….  and well, some things just come along at certain times of the year… but I have to admit as silly as it sounds I have been known to die an egg or 12 even if it’s not Easter…

SO what keeps you going? Have you been writing? dancing? play championship ping-pong? Let us in on it!


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  1. valj2750 says:

    Always Doug. That cuddly sweetheart who loves you whether you exercise or not. The world needs more doggie love. I struggle with eating bread. There’s nothing like that smell. (takes off floating around, filled with the yeasty, airy aroma of bread). I’m hungry.


  2. Azul Zaffre says:

    I loved all of this, Ivy–and I’m shouting Bravo re your exercise (I shun it like the plague, even though I know it would greatly benefit me). I can practically smell the bread–that is something I don’t bake, except for an old recipe I have for Dilly Bread that requires less work than a traditional recipe loaf…but I haven’t made it in years. Oh I LOVE to eat bread, any kind!! I had hoped to do a more “positive” post, but what came out was the menopause Shadorma…point being, that POETRY is my go-to gift and coping mechanism (along with therapeutic cooking/baking)! Love to you and Doug/Skip!


  3. perfect is all (dogs, that is)


  4. dyannedillon says:

    I’ve been making hats this week. Because A to Z Challenge. I just finished #2. Thinking I’ll truly have the damn pattern figured out by #3, but I can’t promise.


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