Heart and Mind Monday the Non-blogger Edition!


a photo of  a bunch of carrots



Here on Carrot there are a good number of followers who do not blog, and have also served as inspiration for the idea that motivation could be improved with a group support approach. I want everyone to feel included so I put out the word and if you are one of the nonbloggers I was unable to reach, and would like to post something on Heart and Mind Monday, just email me what you would like posted and I will be happy to post it here in the


(aka the BOG)


photo of an A-style round mandolin


man with a beard holding the above mandolin

First up is Rebecca: ” I have recommitted to playing my mandolin, plunkity-plunking, every day.  It really gives me so much pleasure and it is very relaxing.  And the dog doesn’t howl, which might be a good sign I’m improving.  Not sure ’bout that!”


german shepherd with tongue lolling out!

I know Rebecca pretty well and I’m fairly sure that isnt her in the second photo… (her beard is a different shade of brown…). And while that may be true, I am just as sure that her dog is a good judge of musical talent… I mean… lookit that face…

Next up is Barb: She is a talented painter and says,”New painting I am working on.Trying to keep the creative juices flowing.”

*side by side images of abstract paintings in orchid , golds, reds and white… also teals and blues are evident


Then Stephanie has some cool stuff she is working on as well… She says:
I have two pieces that I made here.
First we have the Octopus of Approval.
Secondly I have a Montana Agate pendant with a wirewoven bail and a braided leather necklace.
I’m putting them on my Facebook as well 🙂 …
Looking forward to Monday!


*photo collage of four photos. All are pieces of jewelry. The top two are of a charm with a wired gem on one end suspended off a braided jute chord and the other end has a brass toned octopus charm. The bottom two are of a large spotted gem stone shaped like a tear drop it is suspended on a black chord with a silver clasp.

Heidi has been kind enough to send me the work of two  budding young artists Lucy and Owen aged 7 and 9… I KNOW!  cool huh???? Let me tell ya … fun kids … and know how to use their creativity to their advantage in more ways than this… Owen is the king of dance and Lucy does a mean British accent…just ask Lizzi!

A photo collage of drawings of an African American man in pencil, a bright blue , orange , pink and green drawing, several cartoon characters and a drawing of a young white man, also the name LUCY is written in capitals and bright spring green color.

and let’s not forget Gavin who  helped out with the original project page….

*There are two photos of children’s art. One is a collage made of things like sticks and burlap and a bright piece of christmas like silver garland , they all form a squirrel with the garland as the tail . There is a label entitling the art as “rotten egg.” There is also a Cat in the Hat painting in reds, oranges, greens and white and an ink drawing of the cat.


Remember Candy from Six Sentence Stories? Turns out she doesn’t just work the magic with words…3515e541-b910-4c50-a108-70cc94beb1f9

*The photo is of four small rabbits carved in light pine colored wood sitting on small bricks of the wood they are carved from. They appear to be carved all in one piece each. Each is holding a small post for a sign that can be added.

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12 Responses to Heart and Mind Monday the Non-blogger Edition!

  1. ljc52 says:

    OMG you guys are so talented..and rumor has it Beck has wine at her other link up! I love the new painting Barb… I usually dont see your abstract stuff so this is way cool! and Steph the Octopus of approval cracks me up! I need a poodle of approval!


  2. winterfell27 says:

    Haha well it’s easy to do 😉 Just need an approving looking poodle charm!


  3. what the hell! now you want actual, real, touch and feel skills that can be applied in the ‘real’ world?

    (Great looking GSD, though)


  4. Very cool. I love the BOG idea! 🙂


  5. valj2750 says:

    This is great and I must share it.


  6. I am loving the addition of non-bloggers to this creative thing! So many very cool things going on here that I smiled all the way through the post. So many different ways to express our individuality and add a bit of beauty and humor to the world. I am in love with Candy’s little rabbits… and I want one! They are beyond adorable!


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