Creative Endeavors

As I said in the past, my creative endeavors tend toward the visual. I do some writing, but it’s not where I’m the most comfortable or what gives me the most satisfaction.

When I need a quick regrouping, or distraction you may find yourself on the receiving end of a stupid graphic (my poor dog!)

The photos are placed in a collage . They are several pictures of my dog saying silly things, one is imitating the sphinx, another is hogging my bed, another he has eaten my newspaper and the other he has Clark Kent glasses on and complaining about cell phones and no phone booths.

Sometimes I may feel like I want to illustrate a point, but it takes a process:0d59d541-222c-4fb6-9c4f-97c2e8a22260

This is a collage of the logo of the brain for Heart and Mind Monday in four different pictures each a progression of the other. It starts out black and white and ends as the actual logo of a multicolored brain made of continuous swirling lines.It is framed in black.

Then I also just need release on a regular basis… sometimes it takes weeks and is a very gradual process. This is the one I prepared for this post:

This is a photo of a piece I made of matchboxes each covered in different types of papers and lined up side by side in a grid format of 6×8 boxes. Each has a different paper and multiple small items I have collected over the years. For example there are scrabble letters, small cross sections of branches, bottle caps, lockets, peace sign charm, foreign coins, empty miniature spools and gem stones.The first picture is the draft of the project and the second photo is the project framed in a black shadow box frame.


I ended up cutting it down for the end result. I often don’t finish things but that’s part of the process too, yes? That’s how it flies for me… I do art when I need a release and can’t get it through exercise for a plethura of reasons…exercise has always worked best for me. I try not to keep art only for the uptight times as I don’t want to associate it with my moodiness… but no denying it does help…

Linking up to carrot and Heart and Mind Monday… come join in! .602f2164-6d6f-4708-b7b5-36d1c4948cd5

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4 Responses to Creative Endeavors

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for getting this going!


  2. Azul Zaffre says:

    I’m quite fascinated by your artwork, Ivy–since I’m not a visual artist, just the word deal goin’ on. The colorful brain piece almost makes me think of that pasta that’s all colors–which I don’t buy or eat because it’s just too weird for me. Nonetheless, I’d love to think that if you opened up my head, my brain would shimmer with color–all the heat pulsing from over-thinking every dang thing… 🙂


  3. Lizzi says:

    Well, it’s interesting because not being able to take exercise (or move from the sofa) was what gave me the time to complete my entry.

    Yours are beautiful, though, and I can understand you wanting to keep them associated with the positive times 🙂


  4. Your PicArt creativity has given me a hundred reasons to smile when I so needed a reason. I love it when doing something you enjoy is also a means of adding brightness to someone else’s life! Your shadow box is so beautifully done and intriguing, I think I could easily spend an hour contemplating all the little boxes and the elements you’ve combined in each. What a lovely, creative way of utilizing all the little precious scraps of life that we collect!


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