So, I have been sitting… and thinking… and sitting some more… and well….mostly sitting to be honest… NOT TRUE! I have been thinking and feeling like I abandoned Carrot and this amazing idea of Motivational Blogging as a way to not only stay accountable but, have some fun doing it.

I am still setting  up the accountability model, however in the interest of not losing too many readers (cuz let’s be honest…just started when I took a sabbatical, so how many did I have?), I wanted to start something else that may be some fun.

When I groaned and moaned about the sabbatical to think things through, I stated I was turning to art in the hopes of finding a deliverer. I heard from quite a few people, on the side and in comments, about how art often soothes the ailing beast in them as well.

I know that it gives me time to separate and regroup in a new way. I see things differently in- and after art.  So I thought why not start there?

Some of you are familiar with blog hops… some aren’t, but you can learn and join in.

I wanted to introduce the concept that art can be anything to each individual.

You may find your art in writing: bacon-heart

Deadly Nitrates

Ask any vegetarian
what they miss the most
They will tell you, “bacon.”

Ask any cancer patient
what frustrates them the most
They will tell you, “the exhaustion.”

Ask me how I want to die
I will tell you,
                                                                                      “From the sheer exhaustion
                                                                                                 of eating too much bacon.”   Z~

It may be more modern in its stylings: 28dd7f9c-aa74-4f9d-a455-90b063ba90c2 or more like a piece 88e21887-1480-4f35-9c8f-50bcc8da9702from your kid’s art class… (Thank you Gavin!). Maybe the visual arts aren’t your bag at all! 710346c4-34ee-4c10-856e-bb37e25f9a5bMaybe you’re a master of the impression… (thanks Skips!)

or photography…IMG_4172Thanks Richard!)

upcycling or decoupage may be your forte….078090f4-d4d3-4f1f-8ede-51bcde3739d6 3b7a7963-0347-4d50-9f3a-9c32a5081825 - Copy

or really cool ones like these (thanks Sarah)

…or really cool ones like these (thanks Sarah!)

Perhaps you make jewelry or design clothing, maybe your creativity takes you into different mediums like glass (thanks Tara!) or you cook and make weird little baked goods … Whatever artistic endeavor floats your boat.12063845_10205658376880310_4439739867922415839_n

Either way come join in and post to the link on the first Heart and Mind Monday here at Carrot….

I don’t think it will be a weekly thing but maybe twice a month or once a month… What do you think? Would  you come and display a little piece of yourself in a post? No worries if you’re not familiar with how a hop works… I will provide a tutorial as need be…


How about we make the first one Monday the 29th of February… That gives you a little time to be creative…

What do you think? Let me know will ya?

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32 Responses to FINALLY!

  1. amycake76 says:

    My heavens, this is right up my alley. Can wait! This might actually get me back into blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca says:

    Just LOVE it!


  3. You got a thumbs up from me Z/I. All the way! I like this idea 😀

    *whispering* Psst…can I use that? Sabbatical? Ya know, to say why the hell I haven’t written a damn thing in ages!!!! (I know. I haven’t really been on sabbatical like you but…..)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. valj2750 says:

    Wonderful idea. And creative self expression comes in a variety in so many ways. One time a recipe, one time a photo,one time a sketch. I own a book which I had put aside for many years, but recently picked up – The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. One point that stuck with me, is that when your creativity is waning do something outside the box-go to a cultural, take a walk outside, etc. Being a shut in for awhile (winter, Tim), I started coloring in one of those mandala books and it helped me look at things in a little different, deeper, more creative way. So I’m in with whatever.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. lrconsiderer says:

    So, wait, you want US to art, then post a pic of it? Cooool!


  6. bobcabkings says:

    Well, I confess true ignorance of the Blog Hop concept, but Lizzi posted the link and that’s always a good guide to something interesting. Hmmm – must ponder.


  7. Um so I get how a hop works but um. I don’t know what to DO. Like you want me to just link up whatever I want? Cause I can do that. Or post something my kid drew? Cause I can’t do that on my blog without some whole bleh bleh bleh thing. Please ‘splain, LucyIvsZo.


    • ljc52 says:

      Zactly….just some form of creative expression…and hell if ya cant post it to hop it i will cuz i have nonblogger followers that im gonna do that for…then we coould link back to you. Carrots about skills that keep you motivated… Wanna do a guest post weeniebutt???


  8. Art, huh? Not this girl. My artistic abilities extend to stick figures – stick dudes, stick trees, stick dogs, stick sticks…you get the picture. And I hate anything that even remotely resembles crafting. I’ll just be the cheering section for all of the artistic types. Rah!


  9. dyannedillon says:



  10. clarkandthem says:

    Good idea. in a waiting room…don’t think I can get a themsey
    Hey when did Jerry Springer get a MD?
    There’s a show blaring that is medical advice ala chair throwing in law screaming…Arsinio hooting studio audiences! !!


  11. winterfell27 says:

    I’m really excited about this 🙂 I’m thinking probably jewelry but I also have mosaics and collage on my list for the future.


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