At the Risk of You Thinking I Gave Up

2270328d7dc160c9c2e46383e497b212I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve given up on the idea of Carrot.

I haven’t, I’m just kind of on an emotional sabbatical ( but I think those are typically paid leaves, yes? This isn’t like that.)

I’m just trying to figure out in what direction I should go.

I WILL  figure it out soon … any suggestions are still welcome. I appreciate all so far and am considering them for revamping the format some…

I tend to return to art and avoidance when I am in a conundrum. Thus the length of time since the last post… soon…Thanks for your patience.

In the mean time…

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6 Responses to At the Risk of You Thinking I Gave Up

  1. amycake76 says:

    Art and avoidance. I get that. Go for it and come back when you’re ready.


  2. I love the byproduct of “art and avoidance”… your journal pages are fabulous, and a great range of concepts and execution. Cool stuff, Kid! :-). I don’t do avoidance half this creatively. Maybe you’re on to something here!


  3. robinmcmd says:

    You don’t get financial compensation for posting, why would you get financial compensation for a sabbatical from posting? 😉 Silly stuff. Sounds like a familiar conundrum. I’ve somehow arrived at a place in my journey that whatever I do while I’m processing something else I need to do, (aka avoiding), is beneficial and productive for me. MOTIVATION, eh? Long or short term? Self-defined objectives, society defined, or other-defined? ~Don’t hold your breath for regular gems of wisdom from this appreciative reader, btw. Some (insanity) MOTIVATED same to register for college classes, and I’ve just used most of my allowed social networking time for today on this blurb!


  4. ljc52 says:

    Wow…your whole allotment on me???thats a lot of responsibility!!!


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