I started CARROT with the idea that I needed some motivation to continue in a project that I started last year (the great unsticking). When I started that project on my other blog, it took a whole different form than this. I have to say I am not fond of the direction CARROT is taking. It’s too preachy for me. I’m not sure what else it is or isn’t, but I would like it to be more interactive. Not necessarily with comments per se, as with setting up a way to be accountable.

There is more that needs work. I’m just not sure what it is. I would like to continue CARROT because it is a step in the whole revamp project, but like all good dynamic projects, you have to recognize when it’s not working… so it needs restructuring.

Don’t worry about hurting feelings… As long as it’s constructive, criticism is a good thing. I’ve been told I have thick skin. Let me know what’s working and what isn’t working.

I’m asking (begging!) for some ideas. Help me out here, huh? Please.

Any and all ideas are welcome. Leave them in comments below. Don’t be shy.

Thanks, L-


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13 Responses to HELP! I’M BEGGIN’ HERE!

  1. I like the idea (and the actuality) of this blog…. and I have been decreasingly effective in getting out beyond my own limited time-pond.
    That said, if you don’t mind, any ideas that arrive here are potentially stealable, no? I’ll put this link on my blogroll…. but, of course, it may languish as I seem to go rather infrequently..

    Hey! I’ve got an idea! how about a Facebook group for ‘the carrot’? yeah, I have one for the Doctrine, but don’t spend a lot of time there, but at least it’s (the Doctrine or ‘the carrot’) bump-into-able by being there


  2. valj2750 says:

    I love Clark’s idea about the Facebook group. The FB group can share the blog, but also you can share motivational quotes, etc. (I’ll help with the admin if you need/want) Wendy posts a ton of motivational stuff, you can pick and choose. Secondly, I wouldn’t say the blog is “preachy”. Lots of stuff that we already know but may put into practice or not depending on our state of mind. It’s always good to hear that stuff, even if one is not particularly open to it at a given moment. And third, I was going to do a recap post today or tomorrow and link it to Carrot. Consider guest posters sharing motivational personal stories.


  3. Cynthia says:

    Personally, I love the motivational stuff here. I love your insights and the way you laid this out. I realize it’s new but it resonates – to a high degree – with me. 🙂 Just my two cents. Not very critical. Hehe.


  4. lrconsiderer says:

    There’s a lot in what Clark and Val said about a FB group – they seem to be where it’s easiest to interact.


  5. I agree with all of the above thoughts, and especially your desire for a place where we can work on accountability, some sort of check in on how the day or week went that is simple and helps us interact regarding our successes or failures. I’m not sure how to set that up, but it would be helpful!


  6. I don’t find it preachy at all. I like what’s here.
    I’m a bad one to ask about Facebook because right now I am in a very bad place with social media in general.
    Lots of good ideas here…sorry I don’t have one to offer.


  7. Rebecca says:

    I, too, like the idea of the blog and can see how the interactive quality FB offers could help make it feel more like a community or bunch of carrots instead of all lonesome uno.

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  9. Kristi says:

    I am motivated by the successes of others. I’m brainstorming here. Perhaps readers could join along in your unsticking. For example, you could share, “This week, I’m going to work on clearing off my nightstand. What are you going to work on? Let’s report back on Friday on how we did!” Or something like that. Or, if you want more of a how-to, you could ask readers to share tips for different scenarios: quotes to help when things get tough and you want to quit, music to make chores easier, organizational ideas, etc. I guess my ideas boil down to sharing (as much as you are comfortable doing–I’m responsible for the Graviteers’ “Kristi’s rule,” so I understand not wanting to be too open!) and then issuing a call to action, inviting others to join in the fun!

    btw, I don’t think Carrot is coming across as preachy.


  10. Sarah says:

    What I like about Clark’s gravity challenge is the accountability. I send him my number even when I’m ashamed of it and I know others will see it. If not for that challenge, I wouldn’t weigh myself, and I would grow larger. So it helps me.
    Is there a way to incorporate that sort of idea? Maybe not a daily checking in but a weekly one? Am I just repeating what you’ve already said and thought?
    I also like the protection of privacy in some of this. I could say I am working on unsticking in a certain area and gain some support and hold myself accountable without giving away the actual details.


  11. Sarah says:

    But the other idea of sharing personal goals with each other is neat, too, because you’d get things as varied as cleaning off one’s nightstand to say…not snapping at one’s kids (not that I know anyone who struggles with that).


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