…And the Procrastinator of the Year Award Goes TO…..

carrotWhat are some of your favorite reasons for putting things off? Me personally? I am the queen of because I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been known to put things off for my health, because it won’t work anyway, because I may suck at it, because I’ve never done it before and would prefer less stress to do it the first time, because it’s boring, because it’s difficult, because it’s otherwise unpleasant… because… because… because…

What does this all boil down to? Well, I think it means I’m an anxious nut job with a bad case of being a brat. But, how  do you avoid anxiety? You don’t! You hit it head on because avoiding anything gives it more power over you, and makes doing it the next time (and there WILL be a next time!) worse. However, that is a conversation for a different post, because today, I am here to address the finer points of acting like a total brat.



Sorry, but I’m here to say…too bad.

You may rightfully notice, that in the last post I said it was smart to listen to your body, and cut yourself some slack as need be. I also said if it becomes a pattern you should assess how often that is happening, and find another alternative to get your goal met. All that is still true.

You know just as I do, that there are plenty of times, not even health related times, that you put something off because you just don’t feel like doing it. That’s because somewhere along the line we convinced ourselves that if it’s an important goal we should want to do what it takes to get there. In all honesty, I would rather not get up an hour early to exercise before work. 743f88ea-33cc-4d8e-ba60-69433c0485aaBut last I checked, the dog didn’t wake in the night and bungy cord me to the bed, so I do it. Because I can. ” I can’t get up that early,” is a total falsehood. I can. I don’t want to. But I can.

Commitment to what you want to accomplish, commitment to your goal and even to the method for getting there is important. To expect that you need to FEEL like doing what it’s going to take… is too much. Be like Spock…stop feeling…just the facts…”I will reach my goals if I do this…it’s important to reach this goal.”

Acceptance is what’s important. Accept that you don’t have to like it, but in order to feel better you still have to do it!

Remember this? Watch it, it’s good!


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6 Responses to …And the Procrastinator of the Year Award Goes TO…..

  1. I’ve used all of those excuses at least dozens of times. My two biggest? I don’t wanna and It’s too hard. I definitely do not want to get up early in the morning and exercise when it’s dark out. (Or ever, let’s be real.) Finding freelance work is freaking hard. (But hey, I can alliterate, so that’s something.) I’m trying to focus on looking at the reasons WHY when procrastinate. If I can identify that, then perhaps I can get past it. It’s a theory.


  2. valj2750 says:

    I say that to myself a lot. Just Do It. I’m a master of excuses. Figure out why later.

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  3. Oh yes, I can so identify with this one… because I don’t feel like it… because I can’t get up earlier/do more at night/whatever. The real underlying reality is that I don’t want to do it enough to make it a priority. It is easier to not do it and then to feel bad because nothing ever changes. I have learned to commit to very little because then I won’t disappoint myself and others when I fail to follow through. But in saying that I realize I am making it easier for myself to slide out of responsible behavior, and that leads to disappointing myself too. I need to work more on the “Just Do It” mentality, regardless of how I feel about it. Eye on the goal, eye on the prize, not what it takes to get there. I can think of a couple of my goals that are going to require blinders to “just do it” and not make up excuses for why I didn’t this week! 😉 Great post, thanks!

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