How’s Your Vision?

The Great Unsticking (see previous post), helped me to realize that I am a fairly visual person, who motivates through action and the ability to conceptualize success. It made sense therefore to put together a vision board. I  have to clarify here that I am not a huge proponent of the Law of Attraction in its strictest interpretation (i.e. I don’t take responsibility for every negative or positive thing that may occur in my life.)  I’ve found myself to be reasonably blessed, while at the same time a fairly effective poop magnet, and don’t believe for a second it is all my own doing. I do believe however, if you put in the effort and remain positive, goals can be achieved. I also know that (for me anyway) being able to visualize myself in some level of success (even through the poop) is key.

SO, anyone interested in finding out more about a vision board? And how a skeptic (like myself) might find it useful?

Back in July of this year when I decided it was time to get unstuck, I had vaguely thought about some of the things that I needed to restore some sense of satisfaction and order in my life. Needless to say, it’s a huge work in progress. There were some things that seemed ridiculously small, but were subconsciously weighing me down. One example was cleaning off my kitchen table. It had become the place where I dropped everything in the house, which may be all well and good, unless it becomes a sucking-spiraling-vortex-of-a-black-hole-of-avoidance. Mail would remain unopened. A book I have written (and its hundreds of pages of rewrites), but refused to admit was completed- had taken up  residence on that table, art projects, letters I needed to finish writing, surplus dog toys, anything … you name it. I also had a similar problem with my walk-in closet… a definite misnomer for at least two years. Then there were everyday things that I just had to keep doing, like maintaining my elderly dog and my decrepit vehicle. There was the ever-popular-omnipresent-money issue, and the fact that I had not taken time off that was not health related in years. I felt somewhat bereft spiritually, and needed to place some focus there as well as on the reasons I was feeling that way.

unnamed-17So what did I do you ask? Well, art of course! I decided to try to motivate myself to do something by procrastinating just a bit longer and put together a vision board. The board was a visual representation of my intended goals that I could look at on a regular basis and remind myself of a purposeful direction. Cutting things out of magazines, the collage at the start of this paragraph is what I came up with. Each of the photos on this collage symbolizes some personal goal. It only matters to me what they actually are. At the time, what seemed to matter most was my willingness to put them out in front of everyone even in their indeterminate state. While I may have been taking a risk to be held accountable, it meant I was ready to change.

The following boards are progressions of my original goals and were done on digital sites. I’ve included the link after both of them as they were quite easy to do and thought you might like to make one for yourself.  Remember, this isn’t written in stone. In fact my first board was really quite vague, and if you look at it, I think I was rather ironically obsessed with my car which was totalled a few months later!

I found that having only vague ideas and doing this exercise helped me to make more solid and firm goals that  I could really take a shot at reaching.

24125_106258  phototalisman (This site is in Russian. Just hit the translate button on the top right of the screen when you get there.)

21572bab-ad4f-4f82-bf52-9a933f214ef7     pics art phone app (This link is online but I installed it on my android and did this on it because I wanted to do it later when I was in a waiting  room! It’s free and you can also get it on your phone through Google Play.)

Yes, my closet and table are still clean! unnamed (2) unnamed-101

Have you ever used a vision board? Do you think a vision board could be helpful to you now?  **If you make a board and want to post it just send me an attachment and I’m happy to do that. Notify me in comments if you can’t find me on email.

NEXT: Sure, It’s Pretty But What Do I Do With It?



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14 Responses to How’s Your Vision?

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  2. I am definitely looking forward to following along in this project of yours! It’s got it all! Time-tested axioms, gut-feelings-borne-out-by-hard-experience and a healthy does of “yeah, right/
    I say all this with total agreement with your approach. The drive to self-improve is surely one of the most durable and lasting ambitions and yet, it is 3 steps beyond the frontier of science. So any empiricists are, like totally either tip toeing or running headlong into walls that simply are not there.
    (For myself, the key concept/benefit to be derived from a ‘group effort’ is that wonderfully, self-defining ‘identification’. I benefit simply by, in a very limited but easy to define manner, I know how you feel. in this case. sort of.)


    • ljc52 says:

      Well, if you recall last we chatted in real time I was saying the need for exercise… Im on a preventative hip replacement regime… so exercise endurance must be changed from just boxing to some other sort of direct benefit type exercise… so 2 mile run was my inspiration for that… I notice you are on the second graviteer challenge … once the weather is back I assume you will be going back to an exercise format as well??? I do appreciate any input and thanks so much for the support… still on for maybe Fri?


  3. Kristi says:

    I made a board a couple of years ago: I didn’t ever come up with a great place to put it, though. I think that a vision board could be useful, if it were referred to frequently. 🙂


    • ljc52 says:

      Hey its very cool… maybe if I get a few of them I will make up a separate page for visions… Thanks, Kristi! I laughed when I read your post about cleaning the closet as I know its been something youve mentioned as a challenge of late! You were a big part in the start of my unsticking spiritually and remain so… thank you! Happy New Year!


  4. lrconsiderer says:

    I’m learning to live tiny, so I don’t think I’d have space for anything but an online vision board. That said, what I’d put on it is little more than pictures of the people I care about and want to see more of … so, there’s that.


  5. christine says:

    I have never made a vision board. I have made lists, though. Not the same thing, but the act of forcing oneself to put some real thought into priorities and goals is what they both boil down to, right?
    Good job keeping that table and closet clean! Maintaining, for me, is the hardest part.


    • ljc52 says:

      Oh believe there was a minor table relapse around Christmas! Clean now! Yup i agree about putting things on paper makes them more tangible. Thanks Christine!


  6. I started to make a vision board, then realized that it was more effort than value to me since I tend to be more word oriented and I already had some fairly clear ideas about my direction for the year ahead. I spent some time getting that into list form and I’m happy with it so far. Time will tell. 🙂


    • ljc52 says:

      well thats cool actually… its all in your learning style… I am very visual and pick things up best that way… Im glad you found a comfortable format!


  7. I’m with Josie – I’m much more word oriented than visual. My husband tells me that I think and see in words. So perhaps I’d do better with a word cloud or just…a list! 😀


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